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Think about your favourite smell and the effect this has on you. Now imagine essential oils extracted from plants that have amazing therapeutic qualities being massaged into your skin. Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and their qualities have been proven to penetrate into our very cells. I aim to only ever use the best quality organic and vegan oils from reputable suppliers.

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what can I expect?

You can expect to have a full consultation to determine what essential oils suit you and which ones can be added to any treatment you have requested. For example you may want a Swedish body massage using geranium essential oil because you suffer from period pain. You may want to experience the uplifting effect of lemon essential oil in your foot reflexology treatment. With my guidance we can decide what suits you best.
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what is it good for?

Choosing the right oil can have a positive natural impact on your body, mind and spirit. They can make you feel uplifted, energised, relaxed or calm. They also act as natural antiseptics and analgesics (pain reliever) for a multitude of health conditions supporting the healing process.

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Personal touch 

I pride myself on making sure that the therapies I offer suit my clients needs.

My guarantee 

I will only ever use high grade oils in my complementary therapy treatments.

Medicash and Bupa 

Medicash and Bupa clients welcome.

Corporate Clients 

I can deliver services to you as part of your staff wellbeing strategy.

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