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Auricular candle therapy / hopi ear candle therapy

The therapy essentially involves a facial massage followed by a specially designed candle being placed in the ear canal. The candle is lit with the result that a very gentle drawing effect is produced. Wax and any impurities in the ear are drawn up into the candle and out of the ear. The therapy still leaves a healthy amount of wax in the ear. It is recommended that three therapies are completed a week apart and then if needed repeated again a month later.

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what can I expect?

Most clients find this therapy very relaxing. The treatment takes about 45 minutes including a consultation. You lie on your side and the candle is inserted comfortably part way into the ear canal. The candle burns down and gently draws wax and sinus debris out of the ear. Clients report a gentle cracking sound from the candle.
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what is it good for?

The treatment is excellent for clients who get a build up of ear wax. Lots of clients prefer this treatment to having their ears syringed and indeed many General Practitioners (GP’s) recommended it. It is good for clients who suffer from sinus congestion and travel sickness. For some clients it can help alleviate tinnitus and equalise pressure in the ear in advance of long haul flights. The treatment can not be given if you have an ear infection, perforated ear drum or implants.

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