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Wellbeing therapies by fiona aims to provide courses that focus on improving your wellbeing. All of these courses can be completed online and at your own pace. The focus of each course is to provide you with an understanding of your chosen topic and to give you practical tips and skills that you can apply and use in your daily life. We hope you enjoy the course and benefit from Fiona's knowledge and experience.

Beyond surviving: Thriving in the menopause

Beyond surviving: Thriving in the menopause image

Learn about how your body and mind change during menopause. Understand how to reduce symptoms through a guided imagery therapy session.

This introductory course aims to give you knowledge of what is going on in your body physically during the menopause and to help you begin to understand the connection between these physical changes and your mental wellbeing. You will gain an understanding of how the human brain works and the impact we can all have on our mental health by using a simple technique that can and does improve how you feel physically and emotionally. As part of this course you will experience a pre recorded guided imagery session run by Fiona a qualified hypnotherapist. This will enable you to understand first hand how guided imagery can be an important support to help you deal with the challenges you may be going through during the menopause.

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