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Reflexology is based on an understanding that every part of the foot or hand directly relates to organs, glands or systems of the body. By applying pressure using the fingers to different parts of your foot (called reflex points) this brings about a response in another area of your body. The reflexology treatment aims to relax your body, flush out toxins that have built up in the corresponding organs and improves blood and lymph circulation. It helps release endorphins like serotonin into the blood stream to lift your mood and it stimulates the release of pain killing hormones.

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what can I expect?

After your consultation the treatment will take approximately 40 minutes. If you require any adjustments to be made due to any physical conditions such as arthritis or back problems please be assured I will do my best to ensure you are comfortable and able to enjoy the experience. You can expect to feel refreshed, relaxed and calm after the treatment.
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what is it good for?

When I treat clients I have a consultation with them about their general health and how they are feeling. I can then personalise the treatment to focus on some areas of the foot more than others for example someone might tell me they get frequent headaches. I take a look at their feet and often I can see dry skin on the top of their big toe the area that directly relates to their head. I therefore spend a little more time on this area. Someone else may suffer from constipation and the area around the middle of their foot is tender so I focus my attention in this area. Reflexology is amazing in helping so many conditions because it encourages healing and helps us cope with illness. It is excellent for stress relief, aiding relaxation and lifting our mood. It can help relieve the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension (PMT), the menopause, sleep disturbances, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and many other problems

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Personal touch 

I pride myself on making sure that the therapies I offer suit my clients needs.

My guarantee 

I will only ever use high grade oils in my complementary therapy treatments.

Medicash and Bupa 

Medicash and Bupa clients welcome.

Corporate Clients 

I can deliver services to you as part of your staff wellbeing strategy.

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