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Relaxation and guided imagery for kids - Helping our children develop skills to calm their minds and reduce worries and anxiety.

Guided meditation control room of your mind - The therapy is designed to help improve confidence and reduce stress by deciding how you want to feel.

Guided meditation for kids to help them deal with change and feeling more secure - Therapy session designed to help children recognise what makes them feel safe and to use these in this time of change and separation

Guided meditation to help you create new ways of dealing with old problems - Guided relaxation session to help your creative mind come up with new positive ways to cope and respond differently to old situations.

Simple but powerful calming technique for all the family to relieve stress and anxiety - Simple calming breathing technique using hand and finger tracing to match the pace of breathing. Great for everyone including small children the elderly.

Guided meditation to help alleviate pent up fears and anxiety - Guided imagery aimed to allow us to release negative emotions and move forward more confidently and positively.

Guided imagery meditation to aid restful sleep - Let your worries drift away with this guided imagery session and allow yourself valuable restful sleep.

Guided meditation to help you establish a positive and hopeful mindset - Using the power of our minds to generate positive hopeful feelings about the future.

Guided imagery technique to reduce anxiety and increase confidence and calm - Using the visualisation of an old oak tree feel more grounded, in control and calm.

Guided meditation focusing on gratitude for our lives and focusing on the positive things in our lives - Focusing on the positive things in our lives and looking after others

Childrens guided meditation session. Help your children develop a 'Can Do' attitude to lock down rather than feeling fed up with the restrictions on their lives during this Covid-19 pandemic

Childrens guided meditation. To help children be less afraid of seeing face masks, reducing worry about illness and reducing fear and anxiety during the lock down for Covid-19 pandemic.

Childrens guided imagery session to aid restful sleep.Use this guided session as part of your children's bedtime routine. Helps children relax into a deep and restful sleep all night. Imagine being transported by beautiful bubbles to reach a place of calm peacefulness.

Childrens guided imagery session to reduce anxiety and worries. Let's go on a woodland walk together to discover how to conquer our worry cloud. Begin to feel OK about talking about our worries and realise that talking to someone you trust can make that worry cloud become less dark and we can let the sunshine in.

Guided meditation to reduce anxiety and stop those ruminating thoughts. Let go of negative thoughts and feelings using this simple but powerful 2 chair technique. Helps reduce anxiety, stress and ruminating thoughts. Great for adults and kids.


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