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Swedish body massage - women only

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what can I expect?

You will need to remove your clothing to have a Swedish body massage but you keep your underwear on. Your modesty will be protected with towels and sheets. Oil is applied to the part of your body being massaged and you will either be face down or lying on your back depending on what is being worked on. If you have difficulty lying down we can discuss adapting the treatment for you. The treatment takes around 1 hour including a full consultation.
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what is it good for?

Studies have shown that massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases the production of lymphocytes (white blood cells) which are part of the bodies immune system. Therefore it is really beneficial for stress reduction, muscle aches and pains and stiffness following exercise. It can be helpful for recovery from an illness and it can help improve your mood.

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Personal touch 

I pride myself on making sure that the therapies I offer suit my clients needs.

My guarantee 

I will only ever use high grade oils in my complementary therapy treatments.

Medicash and Bupa 

Medicash and Bupa clients welcome.

Corporate Clients 

I can deliver services to you as part of your staff wellbeing strategy.

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