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wellbeing therapies

Wellbeing therapies by Fiona offers a holistic therapy service to support improvements to your mental and physical health. Fiona offers personalised and professional therapies that are proven clinically to benefit clients who are feeling stressed or anxious about changes in their lives and desire a new approach to help them cope more positively.

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counselling support

Through a blend of different psychological approaches (called Integrative Therapy) support is offered to clients through ‘talking therapies’ dealing with a wide range of issues from loss, stress and anxiety and trauma.

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Clinical hypnotherapy is effective in supporting a wide range of issues and through guided imagery and relaxation techniques many clients gain positive and long lasting changes to managing life challenges.

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Aims to relax your body, flush out toxins and improves blood and lymph circulation. Releases endorphins like serotonin to lift your mood.

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head and body massage

Stimulates the body to remove toxins, release muscle tension and improve oxygen levels. Improves circulation, joint and muscle flexibility.

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The right oil can have a positive natural impact on your body, mind and spirit. They can make you feel uplifted, energised, relaxed and support the healing process.

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High quality aromatherapy products made by Fiona for you to purchase. Boutique quality but at affordable prices.

Photograph of Liverpool therapist Fiona Wilkie
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about fiona

I am qualified to deliver psychotherapeutic and complementary therapies to support clients to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. This includes talking therapies such as counselling and hypnotherapy which are proven to support clients making changes to their lives by developing new coping strategies, experimenting with new positive behaviours and developing personal goals that can increase our feelings of control over our lives. These psychological therapies are supported through complementary therapies which provide a space for mental and physical healing and recovery including reflexology, massage and aromatherapy. Whether your interest is in psychological or complementary therapies I believe I can support you to make the changes you desire that will enable you to live a more positive and balanced life.

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about the therapies

The treatments I offer are part of the healing process which takes time. For any therapy to work it needs you to decide that you want to feel better. Whether you come to me to help relax, reduce your stress levels, want support in weight loss or want help in coping with an illness you are the most important part of the process. Everyone is an individual and everyone reacts differently to different therapies. Please remember that the treatments I offer do not replace conventional medical treatment and if in doubt you should always seek advice from your doctor before seeking any therapist.

Personal touch 

I pride myself on making sure that the therapies I offer suit my clients needs.

My guarantee 

I will only ever use high grade oils in my complementary therapy treatments.

Medicash and Bupa 

Medicash and Bupa clients welcome.

Corporate Clients 

I can deliver services to you as part of your staff wellbeing strategy.

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